Stamping and Dripping Makes "XO-Alien" A Fun Painting!

"XO-Alien" is an older painting that I am finally putting on the market to help me fund new projects. Enjoy! Let me know if you love it!

 Do you see an alien or a spaceship? Let me know!

"XO-Alien"/ Acrylic on Paper/ 22 x 15"
Princess Simpson Rashid, $600 unframed
If you purchase this painting unframed, it will come rolled securely in a shipping tube. 

"XO-Alien"/ Acrylic on Paper/ 22 x 15"
Princess Simpson Rashid, $750 framed
How was it created? 

"XO-Alien" was created using fluid acrylics and gel mediums on watercolor paper. First, a brilliant blue-green background was laid in using various brushes. Interesting shapes were later stamped all over the surface to develop the composition. Then glazes were applied to add texture and depth. Finally, fluid black acrylic modified by Clear Tar Gel was dripped over the entire painting to bring it all together.

This painting was so fun to create, it practically painted itself!

To learn about other paintings, similar to "XO-Alien", visit my website or book, Elemental Atmospheres.

Your support of my art practice is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!- Princess


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