What is Sugar-Lift Etching Technique?

Sugar-Lift Process Video.

In preparing for the workshop, I did some internet research about the sugarlift technique. I had never heard of it. I came across a wonderful website called Magical Secrets- A Printmaking Community
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Basically the Sugar-Lift aquatint is also known as Lift-ground Etching.

This is an etching technique that preserves the artist's brushwork and permits broad areas of color instead of thin, dry lines. The artist begins by painting the metal plate with a sugar solution. Some artist use a solution of sugar and black ink. In the Evelyn Klein Sugarlift & Monotype workshop we used a simple solution of condensed milk. Can you believe that. It was great!

Once the image is painted on the plate, the entire plate is then coated with an acid-resistant varnish. Once dry, the plate is immersed in warm water, the sugar mixture melts, lifting away part of the varnish. The plate is then grained for texture using an aquatint method and dipped in acid. Where the varnish has been lifted, the acid bites into the plate.*In printing, ink gathers in this etched area and creates a rich black tone on the paper.

During research to learn more about the sugar-lift etching technique, I came across a very cool video produced by Crown Point Press illustrating the process. In the video, Master intaglio printer Emily York explains in detail the process of sugar lift aquatint using artist Nathan Oliveira as an example.

Sugar-Lift Process Video.


portraitist said…
Hi, Princess (is it you real name? Wow!)

I am a fellow artist. Love your website! Came upon it searching for sugar lift aquatint information. You have a great entry on it - thank you! The bit about condensed milk is especially illuminating. I'll try it out some time soon.

How did you make the book on your website? Impressed!
Princess Rashid said…
Hi portraitist, I appreciate that. Yes "Princess" is my real name. My mom named me. :)

Glad you liked the sugar lift information.

Regarding the book: I used www.blurb.com to do the whole thing. It was a lot of work but Blurb makes it easy as possible.


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