Client: Arredondo

I met the Arrendondos at a North American Cup (NAC) Fencing Tournament in Atlanta, GA back in 2004. It was there that I was commissioned to begin work on to do a painting of their son. So I and a photographer of mine took dozens of photos of their son Philip. I got back to the studio and printed and mailed photocopies to them for selection of a pose to work from. Out of all the action shots, I gave them one standing portrait shot and of course that was the winner. This drawing is the pencil study to work out the composition of the final painting.

Next, I will finish the shading of the lame and add the arm holding the sword. Right now, I'm thinking the painting will need to be a little bigger than 16 x 20" to comfortably include the arm and sword. Probally, 20 x 24" will work great as the final dimension.


Hi Princess,

Nice start. Can only find one image. Is that right? Talk to you soon.


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