Client: Arredondo/"The Drawing"

This is the more complete pencil drawing of Phil based on the photo picked. As you can tell, since the last post I've finished shading the lame. That took about 12+ hours because of the cross-hatching...Pretty tedious but worth it. I think it simulates the texture of the lame pretty good. I've added the arm and gloved hand. It was hard to see the glove from the photo but because of my fencing background, I knew there was a glove there and was able to draw it in. That's the negative thing about photographs. They tend to flatten and wash out certain details. Now the only thing left to do is finish shading in the bellguard and blade. Next, I also will put the finishing touches to the ear.

The size of the drawing is 19 x 25" on cream Strathmore Drawing Paper. For the painting, I will play with the composition to maybe get more of the sword. If so, the dimensions will be different than that of the drawing shown here.

Notice the difference in the cheek area between the previous posting and this one. Its the shading. The first one bothered me cause it looked a little too chubby. By shading more I was able to get closer to Phil's actual facial structure which is more lean.


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