JWS Team Outreach: Party Time!

On October 29, 2005, I pulled together some team members of the Jacksonville Watercolor Society membership that had expressed an interest in participating in our educational outreach program. As outreach volunteers we go to the public schools in the area and teach watercolor workshops to kids. This is to expose the children to the wonderful watercolor medium and materials. The Jacksonville Watercolor Society provides the paint, brushes, and watercolor paper for the students. Talking to teachers we find that is a big plus because most schools don't have the budget to expose their students to the right paper and brushes that would give a good impression of what watercolor can really do.

Since I was named the JWS Outreach Coordinator, I decided to pull together a team based on comraderie and fun, called TEAM OUTREACH. This was our first party. The team spirit is the key I think in encouraging more of the JWS membership to get involved with committees and especially outreach. We are here to support and help each other while as individuals we go and out and help the community by providing our kids with an opportunity to paint in such a vibrant and expressive medium.

Members in attendence were: Leigh Murphy, Rita Blum, Terese Muller, Margie Campbell, and Princess Rashid. (The junior member in attendence was my kid , Jana Rashid.)

Here are some photo from the latest JWS Team Outreach gathering. For more information on the Jacksonville Watercolor Society visit our website at : http://www.jacksonvillewatercolorsociety.org/


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