New Painting in the String Theory Series

Back at in October 2005, the Karpelis Manuscript Library Museum in Downtown Jacksonville, exhibited some of Albert Einstein's original manuscripts dealing with his famous equations and Special and General Relativity and E=mc^2. I was asked by Overstreet Ducasse, the Karpelis Museum's Artist in Residence, to participate with him in doing a series of paintings that relate and/or inspired by Einstein's work. I was extremely excited because that idea is in line with a series I'm working on called ,"Road to Strings", which starts with Einstein's work and explores issues of modern physics and philosophy as it relates to string theory.

On November 2, I exhibited the first painting of the series. It now hangs in the Karpelis Library Museum Lobby soon to be joined by others in the series. Here's a few photos of the painting and its admirers. The painting is titled, "Position and Time". It is based on Schroedinger Equation.

Internationally known artist, Marsha Hatcher, viewing my new work, "Position and Time".


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