Rashid Gives Art Lecture-Tonight (3/7/06)

Visual Artist, Princess Rashid will discuss the evolution of her latest series of paintings.

Date: March 7, 2006
Location: FCCJ Kent Campus, Building E, Room 112F
Time: 6:00 pm

Have you every wondered:

What's the difference beween non-objective and abstract art?

What was the abstract expressionist art movement all about?

What relevance does the act of painting have in the comtemporary art scene today.

Well join us and let's discuss it.


P. Rashid said…
The lecture went very well. I enjoyed sharing my work , ideas, and inspiration with all of you. Thank you all for coming and I will post more about the lecture in the next few days. In preparing for the show and lecture , I've neglected my house. Off to drudgery!!! Later!

Princess, Visual Artist
Anonymous said…
I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. I had visited the gallery earlier in the day and was impressed with the range of techniques in the paintings. Hearing Princess pay homage to her influences of the modern era that gave her inspiration was like hearing a list of all my favorite artists. My husband and I are looking forward to visiting her studio and buying some of her pieces.

Debbie DiFranco, Psychology Teacher

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