Beaches Fine Art Series Program Cover Competition

This photo was taken by fellow artist Marsha Hatcher. On June 4, 2006, Kathy Wallis, Director of the Beaches Fine Art Series held a party at her beautiful St. Augustine home for all of last years BFAS artists and patrons. At the party an independent panel of judges pick one work of art submitted by the their artists for the upcoming program cover. Each artist was asked to bring two pieces. I brought, "Two Chairs" and "P-Funk '87". I brought "P-Funk" because it was musically orientated..its a painting of a drum set and BFAS has a strong emphasis on concert performances. But I also brought "Two Chairs" at the urging of my husband and because it already has a special relationship with the BFAS program. Last year it was chosen to be the T-shirt image for the triathlon races that BFAS works in conjunction with.

Well my husband was right and, "Two Chairs" was selected to be the cover art for the 2006-2007 program book. I'm so excited!


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