New Painting-"The History Bridge"- TOE Show

This painting is one of 4 paintings exhibited presently at the Lavilla Museum. The show will run from June 29th until September 29, 2006. The other images will be posted on the blog soon .

Artist Statement

As your eye moves through the painting, I hope you recognize something familiar, like a hidden image, word or thought. I made this piece thinking of Jacksonville and my experiences here the whole time. I actually started the painting on the steps of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum while talking with fellow Jacksonville artists.

“The History Bridge” is a mixed media painting on canvas. I used enamel and various types of acrylic paints to execute the painting. I also collaged (cut and pasted) various clippings from the Jacksonville Advocate newspaper and the Ritz Theatre & Lavilla Museum program brochures.

For years, the Jacksonville Advocate has reported the news within the African American community. It has made a lasting impression on me because it was the first local paper to print a story about me as an artist. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Williams have been great supporters of the arts and specifically black artists and groups like JCAAA, the Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists, of which I’m a member. I appreciate their support and the contribution they have made to our community. That is why I have made so many references to the Jacksonville Advocate either by lettering or use of actual pieces of the newspaper embedded in the painting.

The Ritz Theatre & Lavilla Museum also serves the community as a preserver of history and outlet for continued cultural experiences. The “Though Our Eyes 2005 exhibit was my first showing in a major museum in the city of Jacksonville. Lydia Stewart and her staff have been instrumental in the development of my artistic career as well as that of many of my peers.

Both the Jacksonville Advocate and The Ritz Theatre & Lavilla Museum have made an impact to the history of the city and its residents. I can truly attest to that. So if you look closely in the painting you may be able to spot a few hearts. The heart symbolizes my love for bridges and bridge builders like the two organizations above.


Hey cousin. Just wanted to let you know that you're work is featured at today.

I also do computer art in case anyone wants to sell or buy my work for a grand a picture...!

Here's a good one I think:

And this:

I use a computer. I have no actual talent.

Philip Shropshire

PS: Yes, I'm adding you to the blogroll. A mutual link, please, maam...unless you're selling my paintings. Then its Yes Maam No Mrs. Peel I'll get right on it.....u

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