Modern Master Artist Dean Mitchell Shares His Story with Local Artist Princess Rashid

At the last Jacksonville Watecolor Society Meeting on Tuesday October 24 at 7 PM, I had the priviledge of meeting and listening to Dean Mitchell, an American Modern Master painter. For years I have followed his career as he won hundreds of national art prizes and awards. I have great respect for him and his work.

Click here for his bio:

Dean Mitchell, AWS, NWS- Is recognized as one of the finest painters in America. His themes are universal ones of life, death, family connections, psychological and spiritual revalutions. Lecture with slides. "I want to create paintings that make peope think and feel," he says. "Art has to mean something, whether it is commercial or not. I think that, in the end, the spirituality takes over. Human feelings are universal, no matter what the subject." Dean Mitchell is known for his impressionistic backgrounds and realistic portraiture which create a powerful, emotional image of history. One of many sites featuring his work


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