Princess Rashid on Channel 12-First Coast News

"Vacant Space Downtown Is Up With Color"

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First Coast News Story: Vacant Space Downtown Is Up With Color

The article is about the relationships that are developing to put art in vacant buildings downtown in order to bring life to the downtown culture. We all seem to agree that ART IS THE KEY!

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The video is pretty good! There's some nice footage of my friend, fellow artist, Leigh Murphy painting in her studio at the Carling Building and it ends with a great shot a painting by anoter cool Jax artist, Lisa Cederberg.

Some of the things I said in the interview:

“Downtown will only be as great as the people in it and if we don’t build this thing here, we are actually hurting the vision of the city.”

“We’re in Jacksonville and Jacksonville’s our city and that’s where we have to make our name.”

If you would like more information about this growing art scene, contact Downtown Vision at (904)-634-0303. To find out about gallery space through The Art Center: An Artist Cooperative, contact Princess Rashid at (904)-745-0956.


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