Rashid Teaches Printmaking Workshop To Little Kiddies!

Location: Merril Road Christian Center
Grade: Kindergarten
Teacher: Mrs. Tracy Morris
Date: 11/15/06

Materials Used:

Styofoam plates
Hard Rollers
Tempera (Intead of Ink)
Regular White paper
Richeson Press

The kids were great!! Mrs. Morris is my daughter's kindergarten teacher and invited me give the kids a mini-printmaking workshop. I started by showing the children all the cool marks they could make with everyday stuff on styrofoam plates. Then I showed them how to ink the plate and lay the paper on top to pull the image. Some kids liked to use their hands to apply enough pressure to pull an impression. Some liked to use the small block printing press I brought.

After they got the hang of it the kids really took to the process. There were 5 kids and each pulled at least 3 different prints. Not bad for kindergarteners!

It was great FUN!!


Troy Worman said…
Very cool. Kids--little kids--do cool art. It must have something to do with the fact that they all (generally) truly believe they are artists.

Gordon MacKenzie (RIP) writes about this briefly in his book Orbiting the Giant Hairball, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately, Gordon explains, this belief is beaten out of most of us by the time we leave elementary school.

Nonetheless, good work. Kudos for spending the time...
P. Rashid said…
Thanks Troy, I appreciate the feedback. I haven't heard of MacKenzie but I will check out the book. Thanks again. If we don't invest in our community of children , who will.
Tracy Morris said…
Thanks! This is awesome! I was hoping you could come back again before the holidays. They'll be so tired of making Christmas cards and ornaments that I'm sure they would love to do printmaking again. Let me know when you might be available (afternoons since they practice for the program in the morning).

Take care,


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