EU Jacksonville Reviews Princess Rashid's "Elemental Atmospheres" show at MOSH!

"In terms of color and paint application, the paintings are dynamic and expertly composed".

"Created almost completely with drips and splashes of paint either thickened or thinned, Rashid has managed to direct the randomness of those spashes and drips into coherent spaces that appear neither too busy nor too scant".

"..... Rashid's colors are expertly mixed to unique hues and perfectly placed amongst one another to excellent effect".

"It's rare to find an artist who can master the application of an expressionist, the composition of a realist, and the color palette of a surerealist".

- Donald Dusinberre, EU Jacksonville

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adrienne said…
Even looking at photographs of her work is an experience. Every part of the canvas has something to capture your attention without overwhelming your senses. So many people get away with calling their work art but don't really offer anything to those who view it. While no expert, I know that real art is not adornment for my walls, but should stimulate the viewer and have a lasting impact upon them for having viewed it. Thank you Princess!
P.Rashid said…
Thank you!

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