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"Princess Rashid shows art at MOSH"

This article mainly discusses the speech I gave during the opening reception at MOSH on March 30, 2007. I introduced myself and my ideas about the work and exhibition. Then I opened to questions from the floor from the audience. I had a great time and hopefully so did the audience. If you were there please feel free to comment on the blog about your experience. Thanks!- Princess

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"At the first ever art showing at the Museum of Science and History, Princess Simpson Rashid ruled the room".

"The art that Rashid creates is contemporary...."

"Rashid was also a well-expressed speaker. Although her art revolves around a very complex theory and involves many years of training, Rashid was able to express her views and impressions in a way so that the audience would both understand and appreciate. She was intent on communicating a way that encouraged discussion. Rashid also had an incredible sense of humor and kept the roomful of people laughing throughout her speech."

"The exhibit is worth seeing. It is educational, but does not seem so. It offers education in an appealing package, with lines and squiggles and a mosaic of vibrant colors".

-Shauna K. O'Brien


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