Rashid Finishes 3rd in Southeast Sectional Fencing Championship!

This last weekend, May 5 & 6th, I spent in East Ridge, Tennessee at the Southeast Sectional Fencing Championships. It was a grueling 7 hour drive Friday afternoon. I was really out of Saturday morning for the Women's Epee event. It started at 8 am and let's just say.. I'm not a morning person plus there wasn't a decent coffee shop (i.e Starbucks) in site. So I didn't fence as well as I should of. It was one of those days. I just felt off. I finished 9th in the Women's Epee event. Yet I still qualified for D1A Women's Epee at Nationals. That was goal for that event. I met it.

But Sunday, my fencing was much better for the Women's Foil event. I finished in 3rd place and thus qualified for Div 1A Womens Foil event at nationals. I also re-earned by B rating. So I am very pleased. I guess the 4 cups of coffee and breakfast at Cracker Barrel helped huh!

Now the work begins. Camp time! Over the next 2 months, I will suffer through 3 week long camps to train for the 2007 National Fencing Championships. This year, Nationals will be held in Miami, FL. Wish me luck!


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