Rashid's Live Performance @ the Cummer!-Day 2

I performed again on May 20, 2007 at the Cummer Museum and Gardens . It was more family orientated. I have to say, that Tony Steve and his ensemble were just incredible. They played some conventional "experimental" music mostly as not to disturb the patrons but every now and then they snuck in some truly disturbing work....it was bizarre...one piece in particular reminded me of spiders and webs...that's all I could visualize while I listened. It was musical arrangements like that helped me the most in getting into "the zone" where I was painting with abandoned. It was quite an experience. My painting created the event before is sitting behind the drummer to add to the ambience, of course.

Because of this experience at the Cummer, I've learned I can work a lot faster. I can produce work in a more timely fashion. In one session, I nearly completed 4 -7 pieces.

Now to my mind they all need a touch here and there...they are not finished but they are mostly done. This a great breakthrough in my working style. I'm now after a freshness and spontaneity that working with music allows me. And I don't mean, music in the background. What I mean to explore now is using music as an integral part of the composition.

Please stay tune for more on my musically inspired pieces. Also feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts on the relationship between music and art.- Princess


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