Rashid's Live Performance @ the Cummer!-Day 1

Back on May 16, 2007, (Yes I'm behind on my blogging) I participated in the debut opening of the "Rather Strange Developments" show at the Cummer Museum and Gardens.

It was a great honor because the show featured one of my mentors Wassily Kandinsky. Also I got to work with local musician and JU professor, Tony Steve and his ensemble and also local artist, Jim Draper.

Both Draper and I were setup in our respective areas to paint in response to the original and innovative music that Tony Steve and his ensemble produced. They in turn were respsonding to images of Kandinsky being projected. It was quite interesting affair. After I relaxed, the paintings just began to flow in response to the music.

It was a fun night. Here are some of the fruits of my labor.


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