"Awesome turnout for Strive Show!"-Thank you All!

Hello everyone, the "Strive" show opening at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum was very successful. Putting that all together and flying from California to Jacksonville was extremely stressful but I hope to do more of it. I would not have been able to pull it off if not for good friends and fellow artists like Annelies Dygraaf ,Marsha Hatcher and C. B. Jackson (show photographer) as well as the continued support of the Karpeles Staff-Rick Minor, Gloria Young and Gene Holloman. Also I want to thank the Florida Times Union and Jacksonville Daily Record and Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville for getting the word out about the show. Also the Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists (JCAAA) and Art Center Cooperative Inc. for blogging about the show. The opening night turnout was tremendous!

Several paintings were acquired opening night and I hope that trend continues. You can view a slide show of the works by visiting my website or click on "Strive Show Portfolio 2007" on right hand side bar of this blog-under the "My Websites" heading. If you have any inquiries about prices, dimensions, inspiration just send me an email or comment here on the blog.

The Karpeles Museum is actually a very beautiful space. The lighting is fabulous. Many of the pieces in this show were in my Jacksonville Museum of Science History (MOSH) show that opened back in March 2007. Both venues offered something different to the works in terms of visibility and tone. The MOSH provided my work amazing visibility. At MOSH the work was hung in the lobby and the traffic the museum received in the 6 months of the show was over 200,000 people. So it was great that many people saw my work. The Karpeles provides my work the opportunity to be viewed in a quieter environment with great interior lighting. It has a different atmosphere. This is good because it allows the paintings to breath and communicate to the viewer in a different way.

There are also about 8 new paintings in the show. These works were completed in Monterey, California and shipped to Jacksonville, FL specifically for the show. See Slide show of the works.

The "Strive" show ends November 30, 2007 so if you get a chance stop by -drop me a line and let me know what you think.


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