Christel Dillbohner Lectures @ the Monterey Museum of Art

Recently, I attended a lecture by Christel Dillbohner at the Monterey Museum of Art discussing her installation, "Skimming the Surface". I went to the lecture because I missed the opening back in September and I am trying to enhance my understanding of installation art. After her talk , I went to see the actual exhibit. It was really quite an experience. Her process is methodical and labor intensive...which the masochist in me respects greatly. I think because of the "labor" involved I was most attracted to her work. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

The commissioned installation is suspended from the ceiling with filaments and you can walk or sit around it. A very cool element is the effect the movement of the viewer has on the cones. As people move around the piece the cones move slightly.

On many dimensions the installation connects with the audience and the space is transformed into a interactive environment. I encourage you to go see the exhibit or at least listen to the "Skimming the Surface" podcast about the show.

Listen to Podcast of Christel Dillbohner discussing her work at the Monterey Museum of Art.


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