Happy New Year From California!

I've been thinking about expanding the focus of this blog for a long time. So in the spirit of the New Year I will be adding more content on a more frequent basis. I will share with fellow artists and art lovers alike the things, ideas and techniques that influence, encourage and inspire me. I will share with you ideas that excite me and push my work in a more advanced direction.

I want this site to be more that an announcement page for my upcoming shows...I want artist, patrons and would be collectors to get a broader sense of what I'm about. Also I want this page to be useful to other artists in regards to methodology, techniques and resources as well as encouragement.

Also I've been busy revamping my website, novelty store and new blog. All three sites focus only on my sport-fencing artwork. (See right hand sidebar under "My Websites" for links).

To see my science-inspired abstract paintings in Jacksonville, FL please stop by the Fogle Fine Art Satellite Gallery at LRK Architects for the Jan. 2, Artwalk. Fogle Fine Art is my exclusive representative in Jacksonville, FL.

or visit My Abstract Gallery Page.

Please stay tuned and help me by contributing healthy feedback and comments. I encourage and welcome healthy and respectful dialogue about all the topics I post. Consider Subscribing to stay updated. It's easy!

Thank you all. -Princess

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