"Space" -Acrylic Painting by Princess Rashid

The story behind this piece, "Space", really has to do with how space is used within the composition to affect the viewer. I used small color touches of red and yellow to visually stimulate the eye. They are devices used to navigate the viewer's eyes throughout the surface to prevent them from lingering in one place for too long.

Acrylic on Board
24 x 18"
(904) 296-1414

"Space" was created by dripping and pouring fluid acrylic paint of varying viscosities onto a prepared board. Finishing the piece was like finishing a puzzle. The painting was complete when all the shapes fit into place.

Currently this painting is on view at the Fogle Fine Art Downtown Satellite Gallery at LRK Architects, 315 Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL.

To see more or my work click on the title or visit this link: Princess Rashid @ Fogle Fine Art.

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