Upcoming Event @ San Jose Museum of Art-Picasso, Goya & Miro-1/30/08

Most likely, I'm going to this event. It's free and it's on my birthday and did I mention it was FREE. Plus, two of the greatest printmakers of all time will be featured: Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso. I know they are known as great painters but their printmaking, specifically their etchings, are so powerful and truly demonstrate their genius.

This Free Event on 1/30,2008 is open to the public. It really is a kickoff to the upcoming exhibitions:

  • "Goya's Caprichos: Dreams of Reason and Madness"
  • "Picasso: Etchings of Love and Desire"

The exhibits run from January 26, 2008 - April 20, 2008.

San Jose Museum of Art,

110 South Market Street
San Jose, CA.

In the next few weeks, I will discuss these two artists more. 

Stay tuned and comments are welcome!


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