What about Miro?

Joan Miro's, "Fantastic Universe" will be on exhibit until February 3, 2008 at the San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA). Click on title to learn more about the show.

I went to the San Jose Museum of Art a few months ago and saw the ongoing Joan Miro exhibit.I know his work was groundbreaking at the time but I wasn't particularly moved. It left me a little cold.

But I will say, if you go the exhibition, the Miro portion is very colorful and there's a video that you can sit and watch surrounded by his work. To me, the video adds a more interesting and engaging element to the presentation. Maybe its the modern aspect of the video that I liked. It really opened up the space and added to a sense of intimacy in the environment.

Comments are welcome! What do you think of Miro's work?


daArtis said…
I like Miro's use of bold colors, however, I find the style very "juvenile."

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