The Museum of Art, Science & Human Perception

In the last post, I promised to discuss why I really chose the Exploratorium to visit. A few weeks ago I found an artist opportunity listed in Art Calender Magazine by the museum. I was intrigued since I had never heard of the place before.

I visited their website and was blown away. It's definitely my kind of place! Why? Because they believe art and science are not mutually exclusive areas. This institution understands that these disciplines are connected and uses those connections to get people excited about science. I love that! It is one of the things I want to do with my future work.

The Exploratorium is an experimental, hands-on museum designed to spark curiosity—regardless of your age or familiarity with science. The Exploratorium is a collage of hundreds of interactive exhibits in the areas of science, art, and human perception.
As soon as you enter the enormous space you are confronted with installation art like the one below by Paul Andrew Hayes hanging from the ceiling. The museum has artist-in- residence program that allows artists to create site-specific works that embrace the  mission of the  museum.

"The Thing About Accumulation" Installation by Paul Andrew Hayes, 2007

In the photo below, Jana and her Dad are enjoying a very neat hands-on experiment dealing with a perspective device.

To learn more about the San Francisco Exploratorium visit their website:


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