Last Day To "Go Figure" At The Cherry Center

Go Figure: Working Together from a Model

June 7th-July 11, 2008 (Exhibit dates)

The show opened on Saturday, June 7, 2008. At the reception, which was well attended, the artists each spoke about their working process and the individual pieces they had selected for the show. I really enjoyed that part the most. Why?

Well, because when artists are willing to talk about their work and their processes it adds something to the experience of the audience. I think it usually makes the work more accessible. Even if I don't initially like or understand a piece I see, if the artist is willing to talk to me and let me know what they were thinking when they created it, I'm more willing to give the art piece more time to grow on me. 

I wonder how others feel about that. I know basically that "the art should speak for itself" but when the artist speaks about it, I thinks it adds more than it takes away from the experience of the viewer.

This exhibition is comprised of original prints, paintings and drawings.  The exhibitors are all California artists from the Berkeley area who come together regularly to work from live models in various mediums. The following artists participated in the show:

Linda Benjes, Elizabeth Ennis, Gael Fitmaurice, Michael Fram, Deanna Forbes, Mary Reed Johnson, Betsy Kendall, Livia Stein, Jill Strohn and Catherine Waller

 Each artist had about 3-5 pieces in the show and it was all beautifully presented. 

The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts is a beautiful space located in Carmel, CA. To learn more about The Cherry Center and its mission visit their website.


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