My Baby Steps-Getting Organized With Flick!

Well, it's been an issue for me to stop procrastinating and get my art business more organized. I especially want to get started on this before the baby is born in September.

I read quite a few blogs and one called the "Cycling Artist" made me aware of a software program that would help me keep track of all my artwork. The program is called Flick! (not to be confused with Flickr). Its a database program created by an Australian based company called Arawak. Its basically a Filemaker Pro program. It runs on both Macs and PC's.

The really cool thing about it is that you can download and use it for an unlimited time for free. There are some things you can't do unless you buy the program which is only $29.95. That's a great price. Most of the other programs I looked at were considerably more expensive.

However, in the back of my mind, I keep hearing .....the old saying.. "You get what you pay for". But that price is in my range right now. So I downloaded the free version to get the hang of the program and I have to admit is really easy to use. My only real complaint is that its seems "lean" on the customer service. What I mean to say, I have become used to have client forums and blogs available to me to get info on the product and company. Right now, Arawak doesn't offer that.

In any case, because I like the price and the way the program works, I decided to purchase the program today. I go to the site... and the server was down..both Safari and Firefox were unable to find it. Well that was quite disconcerting. I got a little neurotic about it and for about 15 minute tried to reload the page...emptying my browser caches and all that. I finally broke away from my fixation family wanted I made dinner and when I came back to the see if the server was up...alas it was. Whew! Still it wasn't cool that it was down but that happens in this webby time of ours.

Registering the program was easy. You have to use Paypal to make the payment. The process was pretty straight forward. I have heard only positive things from other artists about the program. I will keep you all posted on my experience with Flick!

Arawak makes a program for artists and for art collectors. To check out Flick! for yourself visit this site:


Tina Mammoser said…
Glad you're trying Flick, and thanks for the mention. My two cents on customer service: I've always just emailed them directly and had very prompt friendly and helpful replies. The help files are definitely a bit lean but I tend to be a 'push buttons and see what happens' kinda gal so that didn't worry me. :)

Have fun! (if databasing artwork can be fun?)
P.Rashid said…
Thanks Tina. I appreciated the feedback. Also, I appreciate your blog and all the sharing of information you do about your work and process on your blog.

So far I am enjoying the Flick program.

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