Moving Into My New Studio-170-B Grand Ave., Pacific Grove, CA

Hello everyone, I thought I'd share the great news about the new studio I moved into last weekend with the help of my awesome husband and daughter, Jana. They had to help a lot because I'm pregnant and carrying the baby low-so I'm walking real slowly and heavy lifting is out of the question. But they were real troopers and very helpful.

I'm so EXCITED! Having a dedicated space to create is a real morale booster for me. As part of The Art Center Cooperative Inc, I had two really cool studios in Jacksonville, FL before I moved here to Monterey, CA. There I was able to create a lot of work-especially large pieces. I hope to be able to do work like that here in my Pacific Grove studio as well.

This studio holds a lot of promise. For one, the location is great. It's about 15 minutes from my home. Located down the street from my studio is the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and around the corner is the Pacific Grove Art Center. So I think I'm in good company. And when I need a break, the walk to the beach is like 5 minutes. Pretty sweet!

I have privacy to work. Plenty of electricity, water, wall space and comraderie. There are at least 3-4 other artists in the building. The only downside so far is the lack of windows and ventilation in my space. There are ways to work around both those issues. I will probally need to buy fan or an air filtration system. (Any suggestions of good affordable brands?)

I'm not a "North-light" type of artist so the lack of windows isn't a problem. I will however be keeping my door open to let what fresh air in I can. There should be a minimum issue of fumes because I'm primarily a watermedia artist and thus don't use toxic solvents in my work.

It will be a few months before I will really be able to rock and roll in there. I'll be spending a lot of time the next few months getting acquainted with my new daughter, Serenity and making sure my 7yr old, Jana, is happy and adjusting to being a big sister. But I hope by January 2009, I will be able to really get down and maybe even do some live painting performances and have some open studio events.

So please stay tuned. Consider subscribing for free to this blog or at least check back often to stay abreast of my art activities. The upcoming months will be challenging, exciting, and fun. Balancing being a mom and wife with being a productive professional artist will be tough. But I think I'm up to it. Today is a good day -yesterday my attitude wasn't so good.

I would appreciate any advice and/or encouragement you (my readers) have. Wish me well. And when you are in the neigborhood , contact me to schedule a studio visit.

Studio Contact Info:

Princess Rashid Fine Art
170-B Grand Ave.
Pacific Grove, CA

Ph. 831-869-2198


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