YEAH!!!-My Moo Cards Have Arrived!

I recently ordered some business cards and mini-cards. They rock!
They are so cool. In this post I will just focus on the mini-cards. In a later post, I will discuss the Moo business cards. But let me just say right now, they are very nice. They are made with a great card stock and have a very distinct and professional feel to them. . They are a brand new product offered by Moo. I'm experimenting with when to use the mini-card and when to use the business card when contacting and networking. Anyway, I will discuss the Moo business cards next time.

If you notice in the images below, the cute little plastic mini-card holder. Before this product came out many Moo carriers where simply old Altoid containers. This is cooler!

The interesting thing about the Moo mini-card is that you can get 100 cards each with a different image for $19.99! I haven't tried that yet. At most, I've used just 4 or 5 images at a time because I wanted to see what images my contacts favored. But I think next I will do the 100 cards/100 images thing. I'm thinking of making a special display for one of my new studio's wall.

In the image below, I share my contact information on the back of the card. You can use up to six lines of text and vary the fonts and color. Check them out for yourself at


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