SOLD-"Bright", Acrylic on Paper, $800.00

Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Paper-Framed
22 x 15"


How have I not found your blog before? I am not an abstract person at all but I LOVE this one! I could so see it with a giganto white mat in my house. :D

I love the textures and the bleeding of the colors . . . just realllly nice.
P.Rashid said…
Thanks for you comments. I follow your blog and it means a lot to me that you took the time to comment on one of my posts, especially on one of my paintings.

This painting was really fun to do. I had to restrain myself from overworking it so when I first showed it, I felt that it wasn't quite finished. But it was so well received I began to realize that sometimes "less is really more".

Anyway, thanks again! Yesterday, was pretty rough. I had 5 vomitings spells throughout the day due to morning sickness and heartburn eventhough I'm in my last trimester of pregnancy!

Finding your encouraging comment in my inbox was like a bright light..a ray of hope!



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