Video-Serenity Lael Rashid -1 hour old


Anonymous said…
Absolutely Beautiful...just like her mom! Congrats to you and your family for this "new edition" to the Rashid's!

Always knew you would be a great mom!

JH from GSU
Anonymous said…

Serenity will be truly blessed to have two wonderful parents and a great big sister!!

P.Rashid said…
Thank you J.H and Darlene for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said…
Serenity is absolutely beautiful. Just like my sister. I love you you guys!!!!! Richard and Deuce say Hello!

Love Kim
Anonymous said…
OMG! She is an angel!!! I know you will be a great Mom, you have a great mom and look how you turned out!
You were beautiful inside and out when we were school aged children and I know you will pass along the same inner beauty to your daughter.
From an old friend,

Ernestine Townes
She is so sweet and beautiful!!! I'm having so much fun catching up with you on your blog! :)


Cat and Dwayne
P.Rashid said…
Thanks Cat. I also like your blog and your Etsy store. I will visit often.

I had trouble finding your email though.

I hope you, Dwayne and the kids are well!

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