"Fogle Brings Art to the Music"-Oct. 17, 2008

Tonight my work will be featured during a live musical performance of Chanson. The event is sponsored by the Riverside Fine Arts organization. The visual art is provided by my Jacksonville, FL gallery, Fogle Fine Arts. Here's a blurb from the latest Fogle Newsletter.

("Strive to Build"., 12 x 12", Acrylic on Canvas, copyright 2007, Princess Simpson Rashid)

"Fogle Brings Art to the Music"
October 17 & November 14, 8 - 11 pm

Fogle is proud to partner with Riverside Fine Arts to bring some of the freshest artists in Jacksonville to the wonderful musical performances the organization brings to town. On 10/17 they will feature Chanson in their performance hall at the Church of the Good Shepherd on the corner of Stockton and Park Street in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville. Chanson is a six-voice male a cappella vocal ensemble.

Prior to, during the intermission of, and after the performance, visit the reception hall and check out the work of Princess Simpson Rashid.

To purchase tickets to this event, go to the Riverside Fine Arts website: www.riversidefinearts.org


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