A Good Day In the Studio

Well , now that my baby has been born, its time for me to get back to work. I'm pretty excited about my upcoming solo exhibition at the Pacific Grove Art Center in May 2009.

So today my husband helped out with the kids so that I could have about 6 hrs un-interrupted to work in the studio. Previously, I've be averaging between 1 and 3 hrs every few days or so. But this was great to have a longer stretch of concentrated time to work and focus on my paintings. I left my husband with 2 bottles of freshly pumped breast milk. I also took my hand pump so that I could pump milk while at the studio. All it all, it worked out well. When I got home, Serenity the baby, was napping.

I'm pooped but it feels good to really have time to concentrate and paint. Since I tend to work on several paintings at a time, I got a lot done today.

The best thing was that now that my pregnancy belly is shrinking I'm able to get down and paint on the floor again. I find it very liberating. I'm able to feel the flow and get "in the zone" faster when working on the floor.


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