Rashid's Diptych Wins Third Prize!-"Then & Now"

Recently, I was awarded the third prize in the Fine Art category of the City of Seaside "Art of Music Competitive" exhibition. The exhibit was on display at the Avery Gallery @ Seaside City Hall in Seaside, CA during the month of September 2008.

My prize winning paintings were also on display during the "The 23rd Annual Jazz Art Show" at the Oldemeyer Center in Seaside, CA on September 13, 2008. This event coincided with the opening of the 2008 Monterey County Jazz Festival.

The diptych is comprise of the two paintings, "P-Funk '87" and "Composition A".

Diptych-"Then & Now"

Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 40"
Email me (prashid@theswordandbrush.com) for purchase information.

"Composition A"
Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 48"
Email me (prashid@theswordandbrush.com) for purchase information.

"P-Funk '87" is the earlier painting. It was completed back in 2005, so it represents "Then". "P-Funk '87" is a more semi-abstract response to very influential musician in my life, Prince.

"Composition A" represents "Now". It was completed earlier this year. It is a purely abstract painting that was executed while listening to a live jazz band. It was my response to the music. This style of painting is more reflective of the way I paint currently.

Though I feel that "Then & Now" may not be a "true" dipytch, it was interesting pairing the two paintings together. This was done due to the encouragement of the Seaside Art Commission director.


MHat said…
Congratulations little mom. I've always liked the drum set.
P.Rashid said…
Thanks Marsha!

I'm thinking about making some reproductions and a set of original prints in the form of monotypes and linocuts of the drum set.


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