Are You Into Art?

"Ernestine's Song", c. Princess Simpson Rashid, Acrylic on Canvas

Wednesday, I was at the gallery with the director rearranging some paintings for the opening tonight and I met a woman passing through. She turned out to be a real estate agent and I naturally invited her to the opening reception.

I think, I said something like, "If you are into art, this exhibit opens Friday. Please join us for the reception if you like."

It was a casual invitation.  And who is NOT into ART-right?  The paintings were all around us and we were discussing the reception when she walked up. But I was struck and a little shocked by her response. Her eyes went blank  and said that she wasn't "into art".  It wasn't her thing.

"Vincent's City", c. Princess Simpson Rashid, Acrylic on Canvas

Now granted, she could have meant that she just didn't like any of the work  she saw hanging for this group show.  I understand abstract art isn't everyone's cup of tea. And that's fine. But, that's not what she meant. She said that even though she's in real estate, she's "never thought about art before" ..for her clients, their homes, etc.

"Cityscape", c. Princess Simpson Rashid, Oil, Wax & Acrylic on Canvas

Well, I was shocked by her response since art is such an integral part of my life .  I didn't want to press her further and make her uncomfortable so I let her go. But I was bothered by the encounter. How can there be people alive who are not "into art".  Are they human, are they really alive....?

Painting, music, dance, etc...these things make us. For an interesting article on this subject, click here. It's an article by Jerry Frescia. In it he talks about how the miracle of art is that its created at all. He's talking to the painter-artist. But I think there's an artist, a creative person, in all of us so his comments can relate to anyone. We all make marks in some way.

Here's an excerpt from his article-"The Real Reason We Paint":
"........ You must see past these things. Taste with your eyes. Listen with them. Understand that the activity of painting is about the thrill, the enhanced moment you might realize. Then you will see. Then you will become".
Ok , I'm getting off my soap box. But I'm still deeply disturbed. If you read this, go out and hug an artist today!

Please leave a comment if you have thoughts on this subject. Are you into art?


MHat said…
I feel sorry for this lady. Art is what makes life fun (and grandkids). "Art is what I do Art is who I am" and you can quote me on that.

Be Blessed
JJJAM&S said…
I am a terrible artist (meaning the end product). However, the peace that I feel when I create something is unachievable any other way. Hopefully that lady has some other way of connecting with herself. Julie

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