Too Heavy or Too Deep? -"The Assembly Line" Won't Be In The Show!

"The Assembly Line", c. Princess Simpson Rashid, Acrylic on Board, 48 x 72"

Well actually, I think its both- heavy and too deep. I had planned to exhibit this painting in the Avery Gallery show and even had it hung but later in the week, the painting apparently came down off the wall. The gallery used two or three lightweight plastic rods to hang the piece and the painting support turned out to be too heavy. The support is actually cradled masonite. And I admit, the painting is not lightweight. The dimensions are 48" by 72". Pretty big.

But I'm beginning to wonder about something. Does this painting have bad karma?

Just about every time I planned to exhibit it something happens. The first time, in 2007, it got censored by the museum for being "too controversial"-ha!-my first censored painting! The next time, the gallery suddenly had to be renovated and the painting was subjected to construction work and workers, and now it seems I can't find a wall to strong enough here to hold it.
What's it about?

"The Assembly Line" was created to engage in the discussion of evolution vs. intelligent design. Whatever the viewer's position, the purpose of the painting is to provoke thought.

So what do you think?

In any case, the painting won't be in the show this Friday. If you'd like to see it in person, call or email me to make an appointment to see it in the studio. Click the link below.


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