The Evolution of "Balancing Act"-Part 2

"Balancing Act"
c. 2008, Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Board
20 x 15"
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You can see from the previous post, I found the green I liked. Once I found the right green, the painting really came together for me. I knew how to finish it. I also felt free to get rid of all the areas the bothered me. So, of course, the painting became something new. It no longer looks like the painting in the previous post. But now I'm happy with it and feel that all the areas of the composition work for me.

I felt that in the other image, I was forcing the issue of trying to "suggest" a boat. Once I let that go and destroyed that area of the painting, I was free to let the painting be want it wanted to be. What I like most about this version is the color relationship between the blue and green values I used.


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