African American Artists Blowing Up The Art World

"The History Bridge", c. Princess Simpson Rashid
24 x 60", Acrylic on Canvas
(click image to enlarge)

It's February....Black History month.....right..... so I would like to focus this month on contemporary African American or African  artists that have made an  impact on my own work and my art philosophy.  I hope to share artists with you that you may not be familiar with but who are making an impact on the national and international stage.   Their work is also a little different than some of you might expect. 

Some of the artists I plan to feature this month are:  Martin Puryear, Marcus Antonius Jansen, Charles Huntley Nelson, Julie Mehretu, Sam Gilliam, Radcliffe Bailey and Fred Wilson

There won't be an artist post everyday because I have a lot of other things to share with work, new exhibits, etc..but  my goal is to bring at least  5-10 artists to your attention.  Feel free to add suggestions or share your thoughts in the comments.


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