Fred Wilson (Artist/Curator)

The next artist featured in my African American series is Fred Wilson. In 2003, Wilson was the US representative at the prestigious Venice Biennale.  According to Art:21, Fred Wilson is
" best known for works that blur the boundaries between the artist and curator, gaining acclaim in the 1990s for his museum installations that rearranged displays of that institution’s existing collections to highlight the history of African Americans in colonial America".
In the following video post, Wilson discussing his printmaking work at San Francisco's Crown Point Press.

For more informaiton on Fred Wilson visit the PBS site, Art:21. On that site there's his bio and other videos about his work and philosophy.

As I have said before, I always like artists who work as printmakers. His use of the etching technique to bring into fruition what he'd been thinking about in a conceptual way really attracts me. I too use drips and splatters in my paintings and have been recently exploring ways to integrate my painting style to my printmaking practice. Wilson inspires me to continue in my own investigation.


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