Great Fun At Avery Gallery Artist Reception!

Thanks to everyone you came out to support the show. I especially want to thank one of my Jacksonville collectors, Steven DiFranco, who happened to be in town during the show. He wanted to take a photo in front of one his favorite paintings, "Stanton Lines".

(Photo take by Mike DiFranco)
Steve Difranco and artist, Princess S. Rashid at Reception
W. Avery Gallery, Seaside, CA-2/15/09

(Photo taken by Princess S. Rashid)
Guests at the "African American Artists" Reception
Avery Gallery, 2/15/09, Seaside, CA

Thank you again to everyone who came out for this great artist reception at the Avery Gallery. For those who missed it, there's still a few days left. The exhibit closes Friday, February 27.


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