Radcliffe Bailey (Mixed Media Artist-b. 1968) Is Between Two Worlds

The second African American artist I will feature this month is Radcliffe Bailey. He is a young artist based out of Atlanta, Ga.  And many say he is one of the most important African Amercan artists working today.

c. 2008 Radcliffe Bailey
mixed media on paper
72 x 63.5 inches

His work incorporates painting, collage, tar, etching, photography and other printmaking techniques.

What I like about Radcliffe Bailey..besides the fact that his name is "fly", is his willingness to experiment. I am always drawn to other painters who are also printmakers.

Click here to see some of Radcliffe Bailey's work that are on display at the Paulson Press.

Currently, Bailey has a solo exhibition, entitled "Between Two Worlds" at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida on display until March 1, 2009. Watch the 5 minute YouTube video interview below to learn more about Bailey and the exhibit.  For those on the East Coast, there's still time to check it out in person. Let me know if you do and/or if you have seen Bailey's work before and your thoughts on his style.

I especially like when he relates his work to music. He says he's trying "to make a joyful noise".

Informal interview with Radcliffe Bailey at the Polk Museum of Art:


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