Alyson B. Stanfield's Art Marketing Conference & My Thoughts On Social Media

Back in a January post, entitled "I'd Rather Be In the Studio & Workshop", I mentioned that I was attending an art marketing conference in Hollister, CA. Well, I want to share the experience with you briefly. The conference featured art consultant, Alyson B. Stanfield. It took place on the weekend of February 7 & 8 in beautiful Hollister, CA.

It was a great experience on many levels. I learned a lot from Alyson but also the experience of networking with other like-minded artists was invigorating. One the main things we learned, because Alyson stressed it emphatically, was that artists today should develop and maintain an online presence usually various formats including the new social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogs are of course another useful format that allows artists to connect with collectors and develop relationships with art lovers, fans and friends.

Well, I'm sold. After the workshop, I promptly started "twittering" or "tweeting"....using Twitter. I had already joined Facebook which I find it to be a neat tool to let people (who already care) know what you are about and up to. Mark Zuckerman, founder of Facebook, talks about transparency...being transparent.. and when it comes to sharing my artwork with people...that's what I'm about..being transparent. So, right now, Facebook and I are good friends.

So if you get a chance:

Let's connect or re-connect. I promise to try and keep it interesting.

Thanks Alyson, I learned a lot! To learn more about Alyson B. Stanfield, check out her blog : Art Biz Blog.

[In photo: Princess Rashid and Alyson B. Stanfield posing over Rashid's portfolio. Taken at Hollister conference. Photo taken by Gero.]


following your tweets :) I'm staying away from facebook for now the thought of one more site to maintain is overwhelming!
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Cat for tweeting me. I totally understand about not adding Facebook right now. I will follow you on Twitter as well.

Peace Out!

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