Charles Huntley Nelson (Conceptual Artist)

I actually met Charles Huntley Nelson back in 2007 at an exhibit he was in at the Contemporary in Atlanta, GA.  He's a very cool guy and talented artist.  His work really challenged me. I'm not a conceptual artist and I struggle to appreciate installations but the work he presented at the Contemporary, called "Invisible Man",  really spoke to me.  

The work was installed in its own small room. One wall was covered with small watercolors and the other wall projected a video entitled "Invisible Man".  The watercolors were actually painted frames of the video. In the small room, the impact of the two aspects of the work, was quite powerful. I was mesmerized. I kept going back to that room and each time I got something more of what he was doing. Visit his website to see the video. The effect is not the same as seeing/experiencing the installation but you do see the talent of Mr. Nelson.

If you will be in the Atlanta area this summer, check him out. He's will be exhibiting at the Contemporary again. The exhibit dates are: June 26 – September 6, 2009. For more info: visit website.

Here's a blurb about his piece, "Alphaville"

Charles Huntley Nelson: Alphaville
"Based on the infamous science fiction/noir/gangster film by Jean Luc Godard, Atlanta artist Charles Huntley Nelson will create a new film installation and series of off-site projections. .... A catalogue will document the pre-production of Nelson’s Alphaville, including working notes, photographs, and historical material".

To see his videos and other works, visit his website.


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