"Made In Monterey" @ The Monterey Museum of Art

Today, on April 18, 2009 the Monterey Museum of Art opens its "Made in Monterey" exhibit to the general public.
Overview: Illuminating the rich history of the Monterey artistic landscape, this exhibition presents the most important works in the Museum's permanent collection. The entire Museum will be devoted to showcasing a chronological and thematic display of paintings, photography and works on paper.

Caption: Installation depicting early California plein air painter's studio setup by Johnny Apodaca. According to Apodaca, the early plein air painters depicted the spirit of Monterey bohemianism.

Below are some of my favorite paintings on display. (Note: the color may be a little off on some the paintings because I took photos of them while they hung in the museum gallery. To get a true sense of their beauty, try and see the paintings in person.)

Raymond Dabb Yelland
"A Pool Among the Rocks (@ Monterey, CA)",
c. 1876, Oil on Canvas

John O’Shea ( United States, b. Ireland, 1876-1956)
"Silver Cypress"
oil on canvas

M. Evelyn McCormick (American, 1869-1948)

This M. Evelyn McCormick's painting is my favorite. (However, I couldn't find the title anywhere. If any of you know the title please email me so I can include it here).

When I saw the painting above, I was immediately drawn to it over all the others on display. There was something very modern in the paint application and composition that spoke to me.

According to Marcelle Polednik, Chief Curator of the Monterey Museum of Art, McCormick's work depicts a struggle between the prevalent traditions of her time... modern vs. traditional plein air technique. This painting synthesizes the two philosophies.

Do you see the fire hydrant on the lower right side?
Why do you think she included that in the painting?

One possible reason could be to reflect the changing environment in Monterey, Ca at the time. Monterey was becoming less of a rural environment and more of an industrial one.

The scholarship on California art is still in its infancy. The Monterey Museum of Art with this exhibit intends to contribute to the current scholarship and push it forward.

For information visit the Monterey Museum of Art website. http://www.montereyart.org/


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