Collectors Are Wonderful!-Don't you think?

The image in this post is of one of my acrylic paintings in the collection of two of my wonderful collectors, Steve & Debbie DiFranco. Believe me, their faith in me and love for my work is inspiring. My collectors give me the strength and confidence I need to push forward. Thank you all!

@Collectors: Do you know how special you are?
@Artists: How have your collectors impacted your career?

[caption: "Red-Yellow Space", by Princess Simpson Rashid, c.2007, Private Collection of Steve & Debbie DiFranco

I started thinking about the importance of collectors because of an article I read in the issue of Modern Painters written by Christopher Turner entitled, "One Bed Uffizi". The article is about the "unlikely super-collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel". Check it out.

The couple lived very frugally over the years and crammed their tiny New York apartment with the art they loved. They recently donated more than 4,000 works to museums across America.

To learn more about collecting contant me.

I will help you out! (smile)


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