Raising Money For the Kids With Art

Recently my woodcut print "A View From El Morro" was donated to the 2009 La Mesa Elementary School Cinco de Mayo Auction (5/2/09) to help raise money for Art, Music , P.E and Computer Classes for the next school year.

At auction, my woodcut print raised $570.00 for the school. I must say, the bidding was hot and heavy. Congratulations Shelley Hawkes and Family for placing the winning bid. Enjoy!

Check out the video below to see how much fun we had that night. (I'm the chick with the black hat and baby on her hip!)

In the video, I spend about a minute explaining how the woodcut was made and what inspired the image. After that the bidding starts.

It was so exciting for me to see the rapid fire bidding and appreciation of my work. What a night!

Congrats also goes to the La Mesa PTA for putting on such an awesome event. Over $20,000 was raised for La Mesa Elementary School at the auction that night. Yay!


Neal said…
Cool, good stuff!
Upstatemike said…
I'm very impressed with your work, your attitude, and you overall, Princess! Keep it going!!

Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Neal and Mike! I appreciate the feedback.


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