Join us for "The White Space" @ The Pacific Grove Art Center (PGAC)

Gallery Talk/Live Painting Demo: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 2-4:30 pm

The above photo is a shot I took just after all the works were hung but before the labels were in place. I just wanted to give you a taste of the exhibit. Stay tuned for more photos and video. There are 38 paintings in all (35 acrylic + 3 watercolor monotypes).

E. Dyke Gallery
Pacific Grove Art Center
568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA
7-9 pm

Exhibit dates: May 29- July 9, 2009
Reception, Friday, May 29th


MHat said…
Love the circles and the constrast between the light and dark colors. It adds another dimension to your work. Very Good.

Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Marsha! Oh I like your new profile picture!

I think I will keep pushing the Periodic Table image. And I think the circles help the eye to register and move around the canvas.


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