Final Show Preparations &-What I Learned!

Well, I have finally recovered from the opening reception of my exhibit, "The White Space: From Chaos to Order" at the Pacific Grove Art Center. I mentioned before that there's 38 paintings in the exhibit. The sizes ranges from 5" x 5" to 48" x 60". Here's a few shots of the final stages before I took the smaller paintings to the gallery to be hung.

I saved the tiny paintings for last to put the hanging materials on. I was so tired of buying hangers from Home Depot that I finally ordered a case (Box of 1000) of strap rings hangers and screws from Art Supply Warehouse (ASW). Pretty economical.

But unfortunately, I had to apply those hangers and wires on about 14 paintings at a time. My poor hands experienced a few blisters. Next time, I 'll try not to save this step for last. (Or maybe, I'll hire an assistant!)

I was just focused on getting all the paintings done so there would be enough to fill the exhibit space. Plus, I wanted to make sure all the paintings had an isolation coat applied to them as a protective coating before varnishing.

All this takes time. Time to apply and time to dry.

So what did I learn?

One of the main things I learned was that there's not enough time in a day to do everything. But I did everything I could do in the time I had.


Jennifer Long said…
Your show was fantastic! I look forward to seeing more of your work as you evolve! You are truely a talented Mom, Wife, and Artist!
MHat said…
You are a wise artist my dear.
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Jennifer. You got the order right too. I look forward to sharing more of my work with you over the years. Wait to you see the new plein air stuff I'm doing of Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, CA.

Princess Rashid said…
Hey Marsha, I can be slow but I'm finally getting it! Thanks for all your support, aid and advice over the years.

I haven't been reading up on blogs in a while, but your pieces look great! How did the show go?
Princess Rashid said…
Thank you, The Artist in Me, the show went well. Great reception. The gallery clicked over 600 people came through so far. Now I'm working on following up. Thanks for asking.


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