Small Plein Air Oil Painting-"Corner of Oceanview & 15th"

"Corner of Oceanview & 15th"
c. 2009 Princess Simpson Rashid
Oil on Board
5 x 3"

I created this tiny oil painting while sitting my car parked on Oceanview Ave. in Pacific Grove, Ca. I was told about a juried show that the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association (MBPAPA) was having so I committed myself to doing some plein air paintings of historic houses and street scenes in Pacific Grove. This painting was juried into the upcoming show, "Our Home Town".

On this particular day it was pretty cold and windy. I didn't really want to talk to people while I was painting. (Yes, I was in a mood.) So instead of TOTALLY wimping out and making excuses and going home, I set up my paints in the front seat of my car and picked a scene.

In the photo on the left you can see the scene I saw from my car parked across the street. I think I will explore the composition again in a larger work soon.

The exhibit "Our Home Town" is a juried group show featuring members of the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association. The exhibit opens at the Pacific Grove Art Center in Pacific Grove, CA on September 4, 2009 from 7- 9 pm. The works will be on display in the Dyke Gallery from Sept. 4 to Oct. 15, 2009.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I must say this is is a lovely piece, even though I'm viewing it from my phone. What is the definition of "plein" and how does that style or medium inform your approach to this piece? Adrienne
Princess Rashid said…
Hey Adrienne! I'm glad you like my little painting. Great question too!

Well, "en plein air" is a French expression which means "in the open air", and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

Technically, I painted " On the Corner of Ocean and 15th" in my CAR but it still was in the plein air spirit. I had the windows down and my fingers still went numb from the cold front coming of the Pacific. LOL!

Painting from life is really what its all about. Battling with the weather, sun, people, etc...while depicting what's in front of you usually rather quickly to capture its essence before the light changes.

After focusing on the abstracts for so long, plein air painting is rather refreshing and fun for me.
Eric said…
Princess, I love this! What other locally inspired paintings have you done and where can I view them? Also, I might be interested in purchasing one. For sale? Miss you. Let me know where you are headed after Monterey! Michele Schaner from the Playground Posse
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Michele! I could use the loot! Actually, I'm really getting into this painting local scene I will be posted new pieces on this blog in the next few weeks...

Right now I'm working on three little scenes of Lombardo Street in San Francisco and 2 boat scenes from the Monterey Harbor. Stay tuned!

If you see something you like, just email me.(I use Paypal but can take check, etc....)

Thanks so much for you interest in my work. I miss you too!

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