The Emerging -Fine Art Base Artists

For the month of August, an innovative California organization called Fine Art Base is putting on a show at The Sunset Center in Carmel, CA.

Paper Cut-Out

Last Friday, I went to the opening reception to show my support for the group and a good friend in the show, Marilet Pretorius. There was a great turnout and the artwork was refreshingly contemporary. I think this was a very impressive display of some of the emerging talent in the California Central Coast.
The Fine Art Base exhibit is displayed at Sunset Center’s Marjorie Evans Gallery. This exhibit features the work of artists dlwilkinson, Emily Brown, Tracy Parker, and Marilet Pretorius. They show photo-based art, paper cutting, painting, and printmaking.

My wonderful friend and printmaker, Marilet Pretorius, standing with two of her beautiful mixed-media etchings, "Reconnecting" and "Textile I: Suspended".

The very cool designer, Tracy Parker, in front of her large acrylic painting on wood panel.

If you in the local area, come check out the show. To learn more click here.


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