Painting Live & In Color At The Sand City Festival 2009

Painting live is exhilarating! Participating in the Sand City Art Festival back in August 2009 was a blast. I made a sale, met a lot of interesting people and networked with a bunch of very cool Sand City, CA artists. Good times!

The photos were taken by photographer, Lindsey Klinger of Lindsey Klinger Photography.

I have done a few festivals and I always like to set up a table to work in addition to presenting pieces ready to sale. I figure it is better to paint or carve images than just sit around and smile waiting for some curious spectator to come by and grace me with their variable attention.

Besides most people like to see an artist at work. And I like to show my working style. I'm not quite a conceptual artist but this for me is my version of performance art.

If I have a serious buyer come through, I'm more than happy and capable to stop painting and give them the attention they need and deserve to answer questions or process the transaction. I'm all about the Win- Win situation. I don't want to pressure or manipulate the prospect into buying. I want them to buy because they fell in love with my work and/or they want to invest in my career.

Granted, I probably have lost a few sales by not closing hard on a "fragile" prospect who was on the fence or intimidated or shy. Believe me , I can close...but I don't like to be manipulated therefore I don't want to do that to anyone else. It may have cost me some sales but I figure I should treat people how I want to be treated. So far, my collectors tend to be people who know what they want and THEY approach me.

So if you like my work and want to be part of my tribe or a valued collector..holla at me and let me connect you to something that will blow your mind. If not, just keep reading or pass on by. As for me, I'll keep on working.



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